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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"and on the 7th day"..........She rested!

Well, Kristin's continued to check in with us, although it's been a bit more sporatic. Reception has been awful, but that can't last forever!  She said she hiked between Little Hump and Big Hump 2 days ago......yeah, that's how I felt......tells us a lot, doesn't it?  She said on the leeward side of Big Hump the wind was 40 mph.  When they reached the top, they were almost blown off; they had a very difficult time traversing the mountain!  She said she'd never felt wind that fierce.

She had begun to get ahead of schedule even with leaving the trail for Kelly's graduation, so she' taking a "zero" day today and enjoying Hampton and talking with other hikers and town residents.

She has caught up with Fanny Pack; they met up again when she was leaving Erwin.  She was happy about that and I feel more at ease when we don't hear from her. 

She's recently received other boxes and cards from family and friends.  I know she's very excited about means a lot to her.  So thank you all....
 I've been so busy making food and mailing boxes that I haven't bothered to send well-wishing cards!!
        :(       It's pretty bad that she critiques each box and let's me know if I've faired well!  Ha!   Apparently I hadn't had ANY trail mix in a particular box.....I still haven't lived that one down!   :)     Is that negative reinforcement or positive punishment!  hee, hee!!

Kristin is due in Damascus in 2 days.  But, she'll hang around through the weekend and TRAIL DAYS.  She's very excited about that.  Kelly was going to join her at that point, but as of right now,  I think it'll be a bit later.  She's currently busy with college plans for the fall and current community events.  Plus she took a bad fall off a horse this weekend and the thought of walking while carrying a pack is daunting.  She's still pretty stiff.  So....... David Lawler,  that info is for you......   she still wants you to know she'll accept your challenge WHEN she heads out!   :)    Of course Barb L. knows she can do it!!   :)

Kristin is trying to find ways for Kelly's pack to be light so that when she joins and they continue a strong pace, all will be well.  She came up with the idea that SHE & KELLY can fit into Kristin's single person Eureka!   I about died laughing over that one!  Kelly flounders all night and Kristin doesn't like to be bothered.  Now, put them BOTH in something only 72" x 30"x 22" and see who's alive in the morning!!  :)  I can't think of a worse nightmare!!  Plus, you have to enter the tent from the top!!!  They both cannot enter at the same time, nor can one move aside to let the other one in!!!  I wish I could be there to film it!   :)   That just may be the incentive I need.

I guess that's all for now....

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  1. I have a Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight tent they can use. Very light for two and much lighter than the Mountain Hardware tent.