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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Happy Trail Days to You!"

Kristin has made excellent timing and is in Virginia now.  However, Virginia is very long, at least at the angle the Trail goes.

She stopped in Damascus on the 19th for Trail Days and spent a couple nights in Tent City.  She met up with "Grandpa" (not hers, but an older man who hikes under that name and who she hiked with last summer)  She also caught up with Giggles, the younger man whose photo is on the blog.  She also hiked with him for a bit last year.  She had met them both while out on the trail last year and has kept in contact with them. 

She had a great time seeing everyone again.  She mentioned about a dozen others, but I remembered those two in particular.  She's still with Quiver/Fanny Pack.  I guess he ties his gear around him, so that early in the week when he is stocked full, he carries his gear like a quiver, but as his food supply dwindles, it becomes more like a fanny pack!

Many friends and family have been sending her cards and treats.  She really appreciates that....thank you all.

She recently sent home her hat, thick socks, and extra pair of long I'm assuming the weather is warming up!  :)   She still has no blisters and hasn't had one yet.  I'd say that calls for a footware endorsement!!   :)

She's asking for not as many warm breakfasts to be sent by us.  So now,  I'm sending tortillas with PB & J squeeze packets for sandwiches.  The folks at the P.O. are really getting to know the stops along the trail, too!  They laugh everytime they ask, "anything liquid, fragile, or perishable".  I have to explain, dehydrated, not perishable.....but crucial that it gets there!  :)  

That's all.  I hope she posts photos soon.....she says she has taken hundreds!  :)

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