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Monday, May 7, 2012

Gone in a Flash!!

Well, the past few days have been a whirlwind.  Kristin came home for Kelly's graduation.  She was able to take a shuttle from Standing Bear Farm Hostel to Knoxville, TN.  From there she took a Greyhound to Lexington, KY.  We picked her up on Wednesday night from Lexington.

We were pleased to say that she looked GREAT (and didn't smell at all)!!   :)      Of course we took her right away to Mellow Mushroom right near Transylvania/UK campus for her favorite pizza. (They have vegan cheese, so she indulged!)  We got to Cynthiana around 8PM and she began dehydrating food and TALKING!!  We got caught up on all the tales, hikers, hostels, and trails.  She has met some great friends and is happy hiking with them.  They were taking (2) "Zeros" at Hot Springs waiting for her to rejoin them.... that was nice of them.

Thursday, the children who Kelly has been working with at St. Edward's school, performed a song at the National Day of Prayer service at the Methodist Church here in Cynthiana; we all went. That was nice and the children were precious.

That night was Kelly's graduation at LVC campus.  The ceremony was held in the Prizing House---a beautiful facility!  It was so special that Kristin was able to be there for Kelly.  Kelly got some wonderful awards and recognitions!  :)   We are so proud of her.

In the meantime, the dehydrator kept running......and the meals began accumulating on the diningroom table!
There is stew with TVP, soups, mixed vegetables, oatmeal/protein breakfasts, pasta & marinara sauce, beans & rice, Asian medley stirfry, etc.

Friday night was the graduation ceremony at Maysville for all the campuses. Kelly was the student speaker

 Just minutes before the processional was scheduled to begin, the skies turned fierce and dropped rain!!  Thunder and lightning joined in the celebration!!  We all headed inside for Plan C.  Maysville handled the very stressful situation well though; I just wish it could've been outside.  They had done such an awesome job with the staging area.

Saturday morning we took her back to Standing Bear Farm Hostel.  She picked up her mail drop, sorted everything in to her backpack and visited with us for just a few minutes longer and then hit the trail. 
It was so strange to just have her begin walking.....not the same as it was at the trail head in Georgia!!
Well that's all for now.  She made it to Hot Springs on Sunday and sounded pretty tired. 40 miles in two days.  She had had no reception on her phone for both Saturday and Sunday, so the hostel and let her use their phone.  Apparently there isn't reception, even in town!!  She's quite the trooper and was looking around camp last night for Fanny Pack....she thought he was there somewhere.   :)

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