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Thursday, April 19, 2012

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down, so Kristin started bailing

Well, we heard from Kristin around 2pm this afternoon.  She's clocking up 15 mile days now, and the group she was with decided to get the lead out and join her pace.  She'd wanted to be doing 22 mile days, but is compromising for the company.  :)

It was not her laces that broke, but the loop on the boot that holds the laces and it weaves back and forth.  I guess someone at the Outfitter's store tried to fix it, but I think she'll contact Merrill directly and see if they'll help her out.  Her other boots were by them, but they had 600 miles already on them- hence the new pair!

Nothing much to say other than she's wet and a bit chilled.  She said her sleeping bag is dry, though.  She's at a shelter tonight and she said she may actually sleep in the shelter and not her tent tonight just to let the tent dry.  More storms are headed her way, so she's trying to make the best of everything.

She's having a great time and enjoying the group that she's with.  A couple who had been celebrating their anniversary was coming off the trail yesterday and drove a group of them out for pizza.......    she was quite pleased about the opportunity.

I'll have more to post later, and hopefully she'll be able to add her stories this weekend.  She'll be at a hostel in a few more days, and that'll provide her with Wi-Fi, laundry, toilets, showers, and real beds! (not necessarily placed in order of importance)  ----  Luxury at its finest!!   :)  What more could a girl ask for!??

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