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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bunkered Down

I just heard from Kristin while I was uploading the previous photos.  She FROZE last least her water did!  REALLY!!  She was at a shelter, but like I said they are only 3-sided buildings.  The wind still howled did the snow!!  She said she slept backward in her sleeping bag with the drawstring drawn, but it didn't help and she got claustrophobic!  She also got something in her eye last night (I think it's called "cold")  and it's still bothering her......her lips are dry and cracked from the wind and ice.  :(

For a few days now, she has been hiking with a father/son team that is on the trail. The dad was just going to hike with his son for a week or so and then head home. (She's been with others, but they were staying behind and she wanted to move on.)  The son was a bio major and is now going on to Med School.  He graduated coming up to 2 years ago, but has been taking prep classes and entry exams to continue on in Med School.  For a few months now, Kristin has been thinking she'll go on to Med School, too, and has been enjoying her conversations with this young man. 

Last night I guess they all froze even after they shared some of their gear with Kristin.  Kristin said that she'd never had a time before where she had sustained such a long period of being cold!  I would've had a cold sore by this morning!  :)   (Now, I'll probably get one for such writing the word!)  

Today, a group of them headed to town and are staying in a bunkhouse while the snow accumulates.  A few others were heading on, but Kristin isn't sure how they'll survive tonight; it's supposed to be 20 degrees again.

PS- The other name I couldn't come up with from the Log Book that Kristin read was "bum-knee".   I mention these names, because I know they are following the Blog, too and would like honorable mention!


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  1. Hi Kristin - The cold has even reached Florida this week, hang in there - another day or two and it should break and get you some nice hiking weather. You are amazing to blazing the trail this week under adverse conditions! "Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, patience and passion to reach for the stars and change the world!" Stay warm, safe and strong - thinking of you all the time.
    Love Dad