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Monday, April 23, 2012

It's "snoooooooow" cold!!

We've continue to hear from Kristin these past few days, but live with "dial-up", and have not been able to post!  Ah, the woes of rural Kentucky.
She's doing great....but extremely cold.  The mountain tops are bald so there is nothing to break the wind. They had expected a storm (snow and ice), but made it to Blueberry Farm Hostel and bunked there.  She says the Farm reminds her a lot of our farm. (Maybe I should send them a few llamas!!)  Hikers from the AT bunk there during several weeks of the year, but their main purpose is a U-Pick Blueberry Farm.  Kristin was unhappy that she was there too early for the blueberry picking!! 

The couple who run/own the hostel were gracious hosts and treated everyone to a warm place, cozy beds, and great food.  I'm sending them some of my jams (peach & pear) to say thank you for treating Kristin so nicely.They even chauffeured them into town for the others to hit the grocery store and restock. 

It got down to 20 degrees......a bit "nippy" to be sleeping out-of-doors.  :)   She crossed into Tennessee yesterday and at the border saw a mom and her two cubs.  She said they were larger than she'd expected.....made yearlings.....?

She hadn't been hungry the first few days out on the trail, but is ravenous now.  We have begun dehydrating at home again in preparation for her next boxes.  We have some great meals ready to send.

While checking out the Log Book at the Hostel, she saw the signatures of  "Giggles", "Booksmarts", and someone else I can't remember the name of who had stayed there last year.  She had hiked with them from Harper's Ferry on.  So, she's enjoying a brush with the past.

I know there's more that I need to be updating, but I can't remember everything at the particular moment.  I'll check back in later.  We are posting pictures later today....I finally got around to giving that my attention.


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