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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

.....and a snake on top!

I was hoping that Kristin would be able to blog today, but I'm not sure the place where she's staying has that capability enough to share.  :)

She made it to her food drop by about 11 this morning.  She also needed new laces for her boots;  surprisingly they had snapped the first day out.  She had an soaking wet hike today.  The rain that she'd hoped wouldn't come, apparently came and never left!

It dropped like bucket fulls during the night and everything, EVERYTHING got wet.  It hit the ground with such force that it splattered up and got underneath the tent fly, through the screen, and onto the floor.   She said everything was soaked when she packed up this morning.

I guess there were other critters who apparently didn't like the deluge either........she awoke to find a SNAKE on top of her tent!!  In case anyone is wondering......these are the types of stories which do not a happy mother make!  :(     I guess she's with a group of hikers that is predominantly males....  which, like everything, can have its pros and cons.   I guess they are eager to help out when needed......but, I'll let her tell more about that.

Well that's all I'll post for now.  I'll see what she has to say later, and still leave room for her to get the info to you.

Ha!  Before I sent this, she for some clarification.  There was no SNAKE on her tent, there was a bank (mud slide) on top of her tent.  She said it was an awful mess!  I have NO idea how that was translated so poorly, but we just had a good laugh of that one.....sort of like the childhood game called "gossip" or "telephone" where the original message is totally warped as it's relayed from person to person.

There is a father/daughter pair out there with her.  The daughter is 12 years old and is hiking with her dad over Spring Break.  They are heading home today.  He was very worried leaving Kristin.......he brought a snack and a warm drink to her during all the awful rain last evening.  That sounded nice.  She had found out from them, that they have hiked various sections of the trail in many different states every chance they can......awesome!     :)

She didn't think she'd be able to post from her location, so I'll let this post stand.  Hopefully we'll hear from her SOON!!

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  1. Rainbow dash, we had a wonderful time hiking with you this week. Sassafras will be following your hike here on your blog. I hope you continue to have a wonderful adventure. Maybe we will see you in Maine. Good luck, be safe and have fun. Sassafras and Bob.