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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Only whispered her name while passing thru.....

Well, I'm glad to see that Kristin was able to get on this site and post the flicker link for her photos. (I just went to the site to see them.) 

She got to the NOC yesterday and picked up her boxes and cards..... thank you to those who had sent her things.  She was tossed between going out for pizza at the NOC's cafe or eating the boxed food.  Well, even though she was going to get the pizza, she talked with us for too long and the cafe had she enjoyed several things sent to her!  :)

At the NOC, she was given a whole bunk house to herself!!  She said she would've been happy with just a bunk, so she was feeling spoiled.  :)  She seemed to be in good spirits.    She had shared stories of all the days she's been in the rain, 4 different days of hail storms, and terrible winds.  She was hoping the nicer weather would be heading her way soon.  One of the older men who had been hiking with them slipped and fell off the ledge yesterday.  His backpack threw him off balance and he wasn't able to stop the momentum from falling.  It took him over 20 minutes to get back to where he was because he'd fallen so far.  He was pretty banged up.   This doesn't sound good.......   :(


I was just away from my phone for a minute and missed her call.  Apparently the horrific storms that we had all night were what greeted her this morning!  She said it was horrible thunder and lightning.  She thought there was a break in the weather and headed out.  She had been hiking for quite a while when the hail began that were the size of quarters; she is pretty bruised.

I guess it is wet and slick and she also had a spill that re-injured her quad on her right leg and pulled a hamstring on her left.  :(    Her message sounded pretty bummed.

I'll hear from her later and update everyone.

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