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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hiking Buddies!

Information from April 17
Well, today (Tuesday) was a great day for Kristin.  She made friends last night and hiked out with them this morning.  I guess they went at a fairly slow pace and made camp early because they'd been warned about severe storms in the area that would hit just after lunch.

Someone had been hiking with a dog, which of course took to Kristing and followed her all day.  She said she loved it.  They shared Frosted Flakes and Animal Crackers for a snack mid-morning.  :)

They made camp early afternoon and while the storm was still being kept at bay, she allowed articles of clothing to dry in the wind.  She had put everything safely away just before the storms let loose again.  So, she headed to her tent and read one of the books Ms. Kinney had given her (thank you), and wrote letters to a few hiking friends.....oh, all right, I'll spoil the surprise and let Ben and Jenna know that a letter to each of them is on its way!  :)  ---well actually tomorrow when she arrives at the outfitters depot.   :)

She is rationing her food because she was supposed to be at the outfitters today picking up her next box of supplies; however, the climb was supposed to be steep and the footing treacherous.  She didn't want to do it in wind, rain, and lightning; however, if it's still bad weather tomorrow, she'll go anyhow, and take it slowly.  She'll be at elevation 4,450.

She is enjoying the company of other hikers.  She said it was certainly a sight to behold with everyone lounging around near the creek, resting their feet, and drying their clothing in the wind.  Her sleeping bag is still dry and her tent is serving her well.  She'd also sealed the seams to ensure even more rain-proofing!  :)

As of 5:30 p.m., the rain was letting up a bit and she was getting ready to head out of the tent, make supper, and visit with the other hikers.  There is a 30 year old in the group who had graduated from Fletcher High School, in Jax Beach.  He knew Ms. Fine (gifted history teacher-Kristin also had her). That meant he was graduating the year Kristin had Mr. J at Neptune Beach Elementary School and was graduating from there.  She was going to talk with him tonight and find out if he knew Mr. Holden, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey, Brenda Brown, Mr. Antone, etc.  What a SMALL world it is.

Anyhow, Rainbow Dash is safe, dry, fed, and with friends.  I'll sleep better tonight!

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